Local Artist Jayne Vander Woude

A South Florida artist, Jayne Vander Woude is another amazing local artist that we have the pleasure to feature in our Sales Center.

Jayne uses luminous color and layers of oil paint to celebrate nature’s beauty and stories through art.  Specializing in nature and landscape paintings, her striking compositions will touch your heart and bring nature’s inspiration into your life!

“Nature’s unique shapes, sizes, and colors draw us in and share their stories.  My paintings invite you to ponder the beauty and inspiration nature offers us” Says Jayne

Jayne helps people to decorate their new homes with her spectacular paintings.  She will work to understand what inspires you and help you choose or commission art you can cherish in your space.  Check out Jayne’s paintings at: www.FineArtByJayne.com

E: Jayne.VanderWoude@gmail.com


Calla Lilly Ballet


Coconut Fruit and Spikeless

P: 786-293-9751