Building 800, 700 & 600 Construction Updates


Building 800 is almost complete! Finish trades are continuing their work on the 1st and 2nd floors. On the first floor Countertops and plumbing fixtures have been installed while accessories are ongoing. The third floor is being painted. Dry walls/ insulation are being installed on the 4th floor. This building is scheduled to be completed in Feb/March 2015.

Building 600

The roof is being completed and windows have been installed. The exterior lathe work is underway and the interior wall framings are ongoing. All materials have been ordered and will be arriving soon for installation. The Marina is currently under construction. Building 600 is expected to be completed in May/June 2015.

Building 700

The construction workers are putting up the walls of the 4th floor of Building 700 and roof materials have been ordered. This building is expected to be completed in July/Aug 2015.